Friday Night, an Australian Arrival, U11 Girls off to a flying start and 200 Club Winners

A massive thank you to everyone who turned out last Friday for our season’s launch junior training and social evening. It wasn’t the warmest of evenings but cricket fans are robust people and it was great to see our beer garden back in action. 

Equally with 60 children out playing on the ground, a big well done to Ash Causey and the volunteer coaches for some great games

As our first week back there was lots of learning for all our volunteers to make sure we provide a wonderful experience …… even if we can’t control the weather!

A big thank you also to Jackie, Linda and Annette who did a sterling job in the kitchen turning out sausage and chips in all its various formats!

As it stands today this Friday looks good with dry weather and 16 degrees – a positive heatwave compared to last week – so we are good to go with the bar open around 5.30pm and training starting at 6pm. Food courtesy of Jackie as usual.

……. and the draw this week will be the arrival of Jonah Serong from Australia who will be playing for the 2nd XI – see below!

Jonah Serong and Tahlia Cousin – Welcome!

Taking time out from planning senior training and selection for the upcoming friendlies, Peter Bradley, our Head of Adult Cricket Development conducted a rapid “paxmanesque” interview with Jonah and his partner Tahlia, both of whom arrive tomorrow!

There will be plenty of time to talk about cricket so in the meantime …….. a massive welcome to you both from everyone at Bovey Tracey Cricket Club!

Jonah Serong 

– Who is your hero? My dad 

– Favourite Food? Cereal

– Favourite Film? Happy Gilmore 

– Favourite Music? Anything but screamo 

– Hobbies outside Cricket? AFL and watching sport 

– Nickname? Red dog, red or sauce

– Drink of choice? Carlton dry or VCR 

– If you could be an animal what would you be and why? Cheetah because they are fast

Tahlia Cousin 

– Who is your hero? My mum

– Favourite Food? Crepes 

– Favourite Film? The hangover

– Favourite Music? Anything but screamo 

– Hobbies outside Cricket? Drinking and tik tok 

– Nickname? Tahlsy or Tahls 

– Drink of choice? VCR or vodka lime and soda

– If you could be an animal what would you be and why? A dog because they are always happy and everyone loves them

Cricket Last Week

“Nearly a Wash Out” probably best describes last week  with no mid week games and no senior men’s games on Saturday completed (and a very unhappy Exeter groundsman after the Exeter team continued to play in the rain and turned the square into a mud bath!!!)

The Ladies Team managed 2 games in their Super 8’s tournament, losing closely to Topsham and Hatherleigh.

Huge well done to the Girls U11 team who got off to a flying start at their league festival at Hatherleigh. They played 3 games losing closely to Sandford and winning against Hatherleigh and Chagford.

Whilst it was a bit of a damp morning there were smiles all round especially for 3 members of the team as these were their first games ever!

200 Club Winners

With the season underway we caught up last week on the 200 Club Prize draws – congratulations to the winners below. Prizes will be paid into your bank accounts in the next few days!

November 2022

£40 – 39 – Mark Pitman

£10 – 43 – Richard Wyatt-Haines

£5 – 11 – Alan Griesiell

December 2022

£40 – 9 – Nigel Mountford

£10 – 44 – Nigel Morgan

£5 – 18 – John Courtiour

January 2023

£40 – 11 – Alan Griesiell

£10 – 31 – Jackie Bradley

£5 – 34 – Tony England

February 2023

£40 – 21 – Andrew Shelton

£10 – 12 – Rob Flack

£5 – 43 – Richard Wyatt-Haines

March 2023

£40 – 42 – Mark Lockett

£10 – 33 – Sam England

£5 – 4 – Geoff Coish

If you would like to join the 200 Club please either let us know when you register or – 

  • Set Up a Standing Order for £3 per month per number (you can have as many as you like)
  • Bovey Tracey Cricket Club 51-81-21 85535664
  • Ref: 200+Name e.g 200 J Smith

……… and finally great to get out on the square this week for some quality rolling time …… covers are now on!

Hope to see you on Friday evening – until next week!


Andy Bishop

Chairman Bovey Tracey Cricket Club